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I am Mark Anupom Mollick

Founder & Executive Consultant, IDEAN Consulting

A business strategist, marketer, corporate trainer, teacher, author, and software engineer. Mark Anupom Mollick blends his experience in Fortune 500 projects with cutting-edge SMarTech and business strategies. As a UN-accredited trainer and DBA candidate of IBA, DU, he empowers businesses and leaders to achieve exponential growth through practical strategies like Growth Hacking and Ecommerce. Through IDEAN Consulting, he brings global best practices to Bangladesh, democratizing complex concepts for maximum impact.

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Conversion Focused SMarTech & Business Strategies to Kick-start The Growth Engine!

MarTech & Business Strategies Consultancy

Fuel exponential growth in your business with our conversion focused MarTech & Business Strategy consultancy services, customized for all size companies, from Tech startups to MNCs.

Certification Courses &
Exclusive Resources

Transform your career and business with advanced certification courses, training, execution plans and resources on SMarTech, Digital transformation and Business Strategies.

IDEAN - Consulting

SMarTech & Business Strategies Consulting

IDEAN Helps You to

Harness the Super-Power of
SMarTech & Business Strategies

  • Conversion Focused SMarTech Strategies
  • Implement Battle Tested Business Strategies
  • Tapping the Potential of Growth Hacking Capacity in your Business
  • Highly Optimized Proprietary Sales & Marketing Funnels
  • The Secret Formulas of Master Digital Marketers

Utilize Our Breakthrough Strategies and Execution Plans to

Grow Your Business

  • Kick-start The Growth Engine
  • Exclusive resources on MarTech and Business Strategy
  • Comprehensive training on digital marketing
  • Flexible Frameworks with Easy-to-follow Steps
  • Rapid Implementation with Off-the-shelf Templates



  • Free Ebooks
  • Strategic Case Studies
  • Execution Plans and Playbooks
  • Certification Courses and Masterclasses
  • Corporate Training - Luxury Strategy
  • Live Training - Digital Marketing Strategy Mastery
  • Live Mentorship Program - Expert Accelerator
  • Flagship Course - Digital Marketing Mastery
  • Signature Course - Marketing Funnel Mastery
  • And many more...


Mark Anupom Mollick

I have founded the First MarTech & Business Strategy consulting Firm IDEAN Consulting in Bangladesh to introduce the latest global standard methodologies enabling companies to maximize efforts.

A United Nations accredited mentor and trainer for SheTrades Commonwealth Program, I have trained, consulted and coached numerous businesses and leaders on digital transformation, digital marketing strategies, MarTech, Ecommerce, Advanced Business Strategies etc.

Currently, I am also a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate in IBA (DU) besides my profession. My research areas are Startups and Growth Hacking.

Having completed BSc Engineering from BUET and MBA from IBA (DU), I decided to blend my academic exposure and work experiences to add tremendous values in achieving exponential growth for businesses.

Last 9 years, I have coded and managed large scale enterprise-level software projects for FORTUNE 500 Companies.

I have a vision to "Democratize Business Strategies".

Meaning, I want to make essential but complex business strategies simple, understandable and actionable for you so that you can multiply the growth of your businesses.

I am co-author of the book 'টাইম মেশিন - Your Road to Greatness' and author of 'Smart Marketing'.

During leisure, I like to read or binge-watch Netflix while enjoying a bar of chocolate!

Mark Anupom Mollick 

/ Founder & Executive Consultant

Find out about the revolutionary
Smart Marketing Approach

'স্মার্ট মার্কেটিং' বইটি
পরিবর্তিত বিশ্বের নতুন মার্কেটিং এপ্রোচ এর একটা ব্লুপ্রিন্ট

এই বইতে থাকা স্মার্ট মার্কেটিং ফ্রেমওয়ার্ক, আমার নিজের লেখা এক্সক্লুসিভ লোকাল গ্লোবাল কেইস স্টাডি এবং অসংখ্য প্র্যাক্টিকাল এক্সাম্পল আপনাকে স্মার্ট মার্কেটিং এর দুনিয়াতে নেতৃত্ব দিতে তৈরি করবে।

A book on Smart Marketing by Mark Anupom Mollick


IDEAN Consulting

IDEAN is the First Conversion Focused MarTech & Business Strategies Consulting Firm in Bangladesh.

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