Struggling With Business Growth Strategies?

We help you with Conversion Focused MarTech & Business Strategies to Kick-start The Growth Engine!

Value Based Consultancy

Every business has different needs, challenges, budgets and focuses. That’s why we work with you to craft an appropriate proposal, from short-term outcome focused projects to long-term relationships that maximizes value. 

The Challenges 

You Are Facing! 

...but don't have solutions!

  • You are just starting and can't figure out the right strategies (Trying google? But how do you know which is right for you?)
  • You are in business for long, but now the Growth is STALLED. No matter how much you try it's simply not working
  • The Conversion is STUCK (it used to work, heck, what happened?)
  • Everyone is too busy with Execution, but nobody cares about a process or framework
  • The Strategies are OUTDATED (seriously, those are from Iron ages right? Well, It's Year 2020!)
  • What is Strategy, anyway?

Don't take a SWORD to fight in the World War III...

Take a LASER Missile instead!

Well, it's just a Metaphor. But unlike others, you really want to implement the most Advanced MarTech and Business Strategies to grow Your Million Dollar business.


Conversion Focused

MarTech Strategies

Conversion is the true-north, the only metric that maters for your MarTech strategies. Realize the full potential of MarTech to deliver above-market growth.

Battle Tested

Business Strategies

Frame the decisions correctly, interrogate why and how to create value, forecast a range of alternative futures, test potential pathways and choose a coherent approach.

The Growth Engine 

Build each of the 7 key components for breakthrough MarTech strategy devised by Idean consulting and secure an unfair advantage in the competition and market.


Transform your career and business with advanced certification masterclasses, comprehensive training, execution plans and exclusive resources on MarTech, Digital Marketing and Business Strategies.

Growth Hacking Framework

Establish growth hacking mindset and capability in your organization and continuously tap the granular hidden growth potentials.

MarTech & Business

Strategy Training

Let us transform your sales and marketing team into a lead-capturing, revenue-generating FULL STACK marketing team with training and certifications.

Highly Optimized Proprietary Sales & Marketing Funnels

Use Idean's proprietary 'Hourglass Funnel' to convert strangers to brand advocates.

The Secret Formulas of Master Digital Marketers

Discover and implement the secret formulas of the master digital marketers of the world

Flexible Frameworks with Easy-to-follow Steps

Use our tested frameworks to easily create customer journey maps and design highly converting campaigns.

Rapid Implementation with Off-the-shelf Templates

Duplicate out proven templates and easily modify according to our need and get things done in the speed of light.

I am Mark Anupom Mollick

I have founded the First MarTech & Business Strategy consulting Firm IDEAN Consulting in Bangladesh to introduce the latest global standard methodologies enabling companies to maximize efforts.

An United Nations accredited mentor and trainer for SheTrades Commonwealth Program, I have trained, consulted and coached numerous businesses and leaders on digital transformation, digital marketing strategies, MarTech, Ecommerce, Advanced Business Strategies etc.

Currently, I am also a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate in IBA (DU) besides my profession. My research areas are Startups and Growth Hacking.

Having completed BSc Engineering from BUET and MBA from IBA (DU), I decided to blend my academic exposure and work experiences to add tremendous values in achieving exponential growth for businesses.

Last 7 years, I have coded and managed large scale enterprise-level software projects for FORTUNE 500 Companies. 

I have a vision to "Democratize Business Strategies".

Meaning, I want to make essential but complex business strategies simple, understandable and actionable for you so that you can multiply the growth of your businesses.

Let’s Work on Your 

Growth Strategies!