Learn how to become a master Facebook marketer… even if you don't have any prior knowledge!

Are you frustrated cause Ads not getting you desired results?

Knowing few basics of how to run an ad is not enough. Running ads without proper strategy is similar to throwing money in ponds. You will feel like your are spending thousands of dollars but don't know what why you are not getting any leads or purchases.

Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, this is a serious problem that is costing you both money and time. And if your competitors are doing it right and you are not, you will lose valuable customers as well.

That's why the Objective of this course is to teach absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about Facebook Ads and Marketing from Beginner to Advanced level. 

With over 2.5 BILLION monthly active users, Facebook is the premier platform for marketers to find customers and sell products or services. In this course, we dive deep into EVERY aspect of Facebook Ad Platform. We will walk you through the ins and outs of the platform and show you EXACTLY how to design ad campaigns that generate results for your business... FAST!

MASTER Facebook Ads and Marketing All-in-One comprehensive course, created by IDEAN consulting and hosted by Bohubrihi. 

Become CERTIFIED to prove your skills in the real world and enhance your business and career.

Facebook Ads and Marketing Mastery Certification Course in Bangla

[Course created in Partnership with Bohubrihi]

Absolutely everything you need to know about Facebook Ads and Marketing – from Beginner to Advanced level. This exclusive course in Bangla will help you take your brand, public figure, product or service to the next level with the power of Facebook Marketing!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When You’re done with this course, you will have the most ADVANCED knowledge on Facebook Ads and SECRET strategies of a master Facebook marketer. You will know how to create every type of Facebook campaign from scratch, use Facebook Ads Manager, Custom Audiences, Facebook Pixel, Split (A/B) Testing, Important Metrics and other Advanced Tools. This course includes 18 hours of video tutorials with real life examples, mentor support, exclusive resources, mentor support, lifetime access and certification!

We will guide you to OPTIMIZE ads for more results with less cost. Our SECRET Strategies explained inside can help you to SKYROCKET results. Utilizing the learning, you will be able to increase Facebook page fans and engagements, get more customers, multiply your sales and build strong brand value.

This course includes 18 hours of video tutorials with real life examples, mentor support, exclusive resources, mentor support, lifetime access and certification!

What’s in the course

Creating SUCCESSFUL Ad Campaigns

Watch step-by-step ‘deep dive’ lessons on how to create successful ad campaigns on Facebook using different Objectives, Ad types, placements and Creatives.

LASER Focus Audience Targeting

Pinpoint your potential audiences and retarget existing customers for better conversions.

Facebook Pixel, Split Testing, Analytics

In Depth explanation of the Advanced Tools and Features available in Facebook ads platform, from Ads Managers to Event Managers and others. 

MASTERING Sales Funnel

Build a high converting sales funnel and optimize to Skyrocket Profit.


An easy-to-follow 7 Step Process for Killer Facebook Marketing, revealed by IDEAN Consulting for the FIRST time ever!

Battle Tested BEST Practices

Discover the best practices we learned from spending Thousand Dollars in marketing and earning MILLION Dollars in revenue!

MVP Method for Scaling Ads

An innovative method developed by IDEAN Consulting for scaling your ads upto 100X! Taking the idea from Lean Startup methodology, this MVP Method is one of the most powerful, flexible and effective approaches to scale up your marketing campaigns and business.

Maximizing E-Commerce Sales

Make more sales and profit from your F-Commerce or E-Commerce business implementing the tactics provided inside.

About The Course Instructor,
Mark Anupom Mollick

Founder & Executive Consultant, IDEAN Consulting

Having completed BSc Engineering from BUET and MBA from IBA (DU), Mark Anupom Mollick decided to blend his academic exposure and work experiences to add tremendous values in achieving exponential growth for businesses.

He has founded the First MarTech & Business Strategy consulting Firm IDEAN Consulting in Bangladesh to introduce the latest global standard methodologies enabling companies to maximize efforts.

Anupom Mollick has 7+ years experience managing enterprise-level software projects for FORTUNE 500 Companies. Besides, he has devised sustainable business strategies and implemented advanced marketing technology strategies for various organizations.

An United Nations accredited mentor and trainer for SheTrades Commonwealth Program, Anupom has tranined many businesses in the area of digital transformation, digital marketing strategies, MarTech, Ecommerce, Business Strategies etc.

Currently, he is also a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate in IBA (DU) besides his profession. His research areas are Startups and Growth Hacking.

You can reach him on LinkedIn

8 Modules with Advanced Topics


Module 1: Introduction


Module 2: Facebook Ads - From Basic to Pro


Module 3: Creating Facebook Ads Like an Expert


Module 4: Ad Formats, Placements, Policies and Best Practices


Module 5: Advanced Conversion Tracking with Facebook Pixel


Module 6: Measure, optimize & Scale for 10x ROI


Module 7: The Ad Engine - 7 Step Process for Killer Facebook Marketing


Module 8: Maximize your eCommerce or fCommerce sale with Facebook Marketing

Get the Most Out of This Course

Real Life Examples

Find battle tested examples with practical tips on how to implement those in your marketing directly.

Mentor Support

Ask anything you need to know to the mentor directly in the discussion forum.


Once you are done with the tutorials and assignments, you will get 'Facebook Ads and Marketing Mastery' Certification!

Lifetime Access

Once enrolled, you have access to this forever.

Exclusive Resources

Get access to exclusive resources that will help you to enhance your career and business.

Self Paced Learning

This course includes 18+ hours of video tutorial, learn at your own speed.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Arafat Hussain

Brand Executive

All the complex and hard issues are described in simple

I was searching for a course on Facebook Marketing in Bangla. Suddenly I saw an ad at Bohubrihi entitled 'Facebook Ad and Marketing Mastery 2020'. At the beginning, I was hesitating but somehow enrolled in that course. Wala! It was the right decision. What an excellent course it is! One can learn from the basics to advanced features of Facebook ads. Not only that this course also describes the Marketing Basics necessary for getting effective Business results. All the complex and hard issues are described in simple and understandable manner. Strongly recommended.

Siami Belayat

Young Leadership Fellow


After starting my career, I feel the necessity of learning Facebook marketing & advertising. It’s cheaper & easier to reach the target audience through Facebook. I was looking for an online course. Then I came to know about Bohubrihi’s “Facebook Ads & Marketing Mastery 2020” This course is really very helpful. I will recommend it to those who want to be entrepreneurs or want to build their career in Brand, Sales & Marketing.

Christopher Chanchal

Assistant Manager

Very informative and would change the view of Facebook marketing

This is a brilliant Facebook Ads and Marketing Mastery course I did online. It has changed the idea of Facebook ads and marketing. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. It rally was very informative and would change the view of Ads. Mark Anupom was very knowledgeable and was able to tailor the whole course for every individual needs. The experience with the course from start to finish was faultless. I have recommended the course to some of my friends and colleagues.

Who Is This Course For?

Entrepreneurs, CEOs & CMOs, Digital Marketers, Marketing Professionals, Agency Owners and Managers, Bloggers, Influencers, Public Figures, Marketing Students and Freelancers.

ANYONE looking to master Facebook Ads and Marketing!

ANYONE looking for innovative and secret Facebook Marketing Strategies!

48 Hours Refund Policy

We guarantee 100% satisfaction of the course. Still if it doesn't somehow work for you, get a refund, no questions asked!