Let's embrace the bitter truth - Scaling up is hard!

You have gave your best efforts to make the facebook ads work. The marketing was working. The ROI was great. You had it.

Now, your job is to 2x the ad result.

'Sure, I will just double the budget and the revenue will double.'

Except, it didn't!

So you tried something more. Increased the discounts. Tweak bit here, bit there.

No luck...

Does it sound similar?

Hi-Five! I have been in the same water like you so many times.

And we learned the hard way - most Facebook marketing scaling efforts fail.

Now, BY 'scaling your Facebook marketing' I meant increasing your ad spend while maintaining a positive return. And this can be really challenging for businesses of all sizes.

Just knowing how to run Facebook ads doesn't help scaling up. It needs much better approach, a solid method, which can be customized for your business need.

Fortunately, we spent a lot of time researching and experimenting the methods behind scaling up facebook ads. And from our learning, we created an internal method, know as 'MVP Method' for scaling facebook ads.

Now, I am going to give away the full method to you as FREE so that you can use this in your business and grow! (I won't say no if you want to give me a coffee treat for this btw...and just in case, Northend is my favorite place...)

Maximize your ad result and

scale up your Facebook ads

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Before jumping into the method itself, let's discuss something first that we will refer later in the article.

There are TWO Types of Scaling that you can effectively use:

Vertical Scaling

In vertical scaling, the only lever is budget. You increase your budget slowly and monitor for a proportionally improved ROI.

Let me give an example: You are spending 100 dollars everyday on facebook ads promoting a specific product or service or campaign. Say this gets you 1 lakh taka revenue. Now you are increasing your budget from 100 dollars per day to 150 dollars per day and looking for 1.5 lakh taka revenue. (I hope life was that easy, sigh...)

This is known as vertical scaling. 

Horizontal Scaling

Instead of relying on one lever, you increase and spread across multiple ad sets, audiences, types of creative. This gives you opportunity to create better scale-able structure and long term success.

Using the previous example: You will increase your budget from 100 dollars per day to 150 dollars. But this time you will target new audiences, will create new ads with new creative, and also try different campaign objectives.

Now as you know the concepts of Vertical and Horizontal scaling, let's move on to what I promised to give you: The MVP Method. (Caution - The strategy is very advanced, so I will become very serious now, no kidding anymore)

MVP Method for Scaling Ads

"MVP Method for Scaling Ads" is an innovative method developed by IDEAN Consulting for scaling your ads upto 100X.

Taking the idea from Lean Startup methodology, this MVP Method is one of the most powerful, flexible and effective approaches to scale up your marketing campaigns and business.

MVP Method allows to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about Ads with the least effort. This
helps you to understand which ads will bring maximum output and then scale your campaign accordingly.

Build, Measure, Learn Loop

There are THREE Phases in the MVP Method:
Build, Measure and Learn.

The MVP Method, considered as a LOOP, enables a full turn of the Build-Measure-Learn loop with a minimum
amount of effort. 

The three phases can overlap with each other. So you can build, measure at the same time and learn.

Your goal here is to create Minimum Viable ads – multiple ads with small budgets that allows you to test which gives you maximum output.

  1. 1
    Use Decentralized Campaign Architecture
  2. 2
    Create Split (A/B) Testing
  3. 3
    Optimize for Bottom of Funnel Objectives


Here, you measure the results that you obtained in Build stage. Does the data give you enough info to decide which ads to scale?​​​​

  1. 1
    Define and Track the Most Important Metrics
  2. 2
    Identify the Segments and Ads with Highest Return
  3. 3
    Make Small Incremental Bumps in Ad Budget to Winning Ads

By the time you reach this stage, you'll be equipped to make sound, evidence-based decisions about what to do

There are TWO ways:

Persevere: You found the winning ads, so you scale the campaign by increasing, replicating, improving those and repeat the loop.

  1. 1
    Use both Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  2. 2
    Replicate Winning Ads

Pivot: The ads didn’t give sustainable ROI, but you've still gained valuable knowledge about what doesn't work. You can reset, or correct your process with different ads using what you have learned and repeat the loop.

  1. 1
    Find New Ad Angles
  2. 2
    Re-target Audiences With New Offers

Action Time!

Many people simply complain, but don't take actions. You are not like them. The MVP method can be a secret weapon under your belt that gives you leverage and run ads better than your competitors. 

Start using this method from today. And don't forget to get The AD Engine ebook to learn the full 7 step process for killer facebook marketing.

Comment below if you have feedback or questions, I would love to hear your opinion.

About the author 

Mark Anupom Mollick

Anupom Mollick is an experienced Software Engineer and Business Consultant for tech companies. Currently, he is also a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate in IBA (DU). During leisure, he loves to read from his 500+ books elibrary or watch Netflix while enjoying a bar of chocolate!

Feel free to reach Anupom at anupom.mollick@ideanconsulting.com or contact via LinkedIn.

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