In this article, we are going to show 7 Practices on how to work from home during the crisis through Infographic. We have also published a text based article on this, you can check that here.

Please understand that each company’s need and culture is different, so consider this as a guideline, and customize per your company's needs.

We will keep fighting against the virus and survive this pandemic together. 

And when we do, we will become stronger than ever. 

About the author 

Mark Anupom Mollick

Anupom Mollick is an experienced Software Engineer and Business Consultant for tech companies. Currently, he is also a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate in IBA (DU). During leisure, he loves to read from his 500+ books elibrary or watch Netflix while enjoying a bar of chocolate!Feel free to reach Anupom at or contact via LinkedIn.

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